Handmade Pottery Long Platter in Fox Collection 16" Long

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This lovely handmade long platter is wonderful and will make for a great conversation piece. Handcrafted and if part of the Fox Collection by Meghan Bernard. "My newest design is foxes and ferns, another line inspired by my surroundings. This past spring I had a pair of foxes move in behind my studio. After putting my cat on lock-down, I was able to enjoy seeing glimpses of them in the evenings. I was also able to hear them chat and grumble at each other, just like any good married couple. Instead of seeing them as pests and distractions to my late night studio time, I embraced them as my new muses. I like thinking of them as my new neighbors." Meghan

  • 16" long by .5 tall
  • Weight  2 lb
  • Created by Meghan Bernard Pottery
  • This is a handcrafted piece of art pottery. Finished items will have variations in color and texture.
  • Color may vary slightly from image due to variations in monitors. Glazes may vary slightly from photo since each piece is handcrafted and unique.