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Stone Circle Studio

stone-circle-studio-stone-pendants-3.jpgMy work with gemstone talismans is a great joy, as it seamlessly weaves together my three great passions: Earth, Art and Spirit.

From the Artist: I am devoted to the sacredness of the earth and to sharing that message and connection with others. I worked professionally for over a decade on environmental issues, and my love and respect for the earth is fundamental to all I do.

The daughter and granddaughter of artists I have lived and breathed art every day of my life. The crowning glory to my BA in Creative Arts was an incredible year studying in Italy. It still stuns me every time I take a moment to sit and take in the fact that my art is supporting my life.

I have always been called to help people heal, grow, and connect to Spirit. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, have a personal spiritual practice that grounds my life, and a Masters’ degree in Adult Transformative Learning. All of which adds up to years of study and practice aimed at finding ways to help people lead positive, meaningful lives.

My hope is that my talismans connect us to Earth and to Spirit, and gift us with a boost of energy and support when we need it. Blessings on your journey! Suzanne Grace Michell