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Don Cox Pottery

don-cox-pottery-hand-painted-teapot-3.jpgColorado Potter Don Cox: "I’ve been making handcrafted pots nearly every day for over 20 years now. Skill and competence at the potter’s wheel, in glazing, decoration, and firing were early goals and continue to be primary goals even today. My search now is about bringing these elements into a cohesive whole. Slowly, day-by-day, my work continues to evolve and progress. The daily, monthly, yearly cycle, of studio pottery is what sustains me as an artist.

Each handmade pottery piece is individually thrown on a treadle wheel with stoneware or porcelain clay. I then alter each piece by applying a thick clay slip to add texture, impart movement, define edges, and change form. Additional clay slips and glazes are then applied for color and decoration by dipping, brushing and spraying. My brushwork is inspired by classical sumi’e painting and takes the form of fish, birds, and bamboo. The work is then single fired to cone 10 in a soda atmospheric kiln, a variation of traditional salt firing."

Don lives and works in Boulder, CO.