• 13th Aug 2022

    Why You Need a Dedicated Berry Bowl

    By Sarah KarnasiewiczJuly 29, 2022 315 pm ETEVER SINCE I was a sticky-fingered kid, plucking blackcaps and blueberries from the brambly trails of southern New England, I’ve considered the staccato “ku…

    Published by By Sarah Karnasiewicz

  • 1st Aug 2020

    Welcome Our New Artist - Meghan Bernard Pottery!

    Meghan's studio is in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She is originally from Michigan and received a BFA in Fine Art from Michigan State University in 2002. After college, she spent 2 years in Sava…

    Published by Jim Biedebach

  • 8th Apr 2020

    Stay Safe and Support Our Artisans During These Tough Times

    Dear Customer's,Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Artisans and Potters across the country, along with many other Americans, have been severally impacted in their ability to do business. Most in the professio…

    Published by Jim and Belinds

  • 7th Jan 2020

    Who is Larrabee Ceramics

    I have worked as a solo artist for the last 33 years. My work primarily is in clay but I have been known to use other media. Each piece is fired in a gas kiln to cone 11 (2400F.) White stoneware and p…

    Published by Jim Biedebach

  • 4th Jan 2020

    Uhwarrie Crystalline Pottery

    Happy New Year to all of our current and prospective customers! We have new offerings from one of our longtime artisans, Ken and Pamela Kennedy from Uhwarrie Crystalline Pottery.Ken and Pamela are loc…

    Published by Jim Biedebach

  • 8th Dec 2019

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays from our family to yours this season.If you are searching for a unique and special gift for that friend or family member, our pottery and candle items are very special gifts for anyone…

    Published by Jim and Belinds

  • 3rd Dec 2019

    New Pottery Artisan Watch!

    At Gifted Artisan we are always on the search for New Artisan's. We strive to bring quality handmade pottery made from the USA to our customers. New Artisans that have recently be…

    Published by Jim and Belinds

  • 27th May 2019

    Why buy handmade pottery from Gifted Artisan?

    Why buy from Gifted Artisan? Why support US handmade potters? It seems like much of the pottery items you see on our site can be purchased for much cheaper (perhaps functional but not nearly as unique…

    Published by Jim @ Gifted Artisan

  • Why buy US handmade pottery?

    21st Nov 2015

    Why buy US handmade pottery?

     (Photo above by Paul A., beautiful crystalline pottery with backdrop of Colorado mountains).As a consumer, you might ask yourself, Why support US handmade potters? and purchase higher price…

    Published by Paul A, from

  • Where is Seagrove Pottery?

    2nd Sep 2015

    Where is Seagrove Pottery?

     Seagrove Pottery Why a blog post on Seagrove Pottery, you might ask?.  Reason why is that our business,  Gifted Pottery started 5 years ago with many generous potters from Seagrove…

    Published by Paul A.

  • 26th Aug 2015

    Who is Frank Masarella, Potter?

    Hi Everyone.  This little blog post is just to let you know that we will soon be adding Frank Masarella's work to our website, In our opinion Frank's handmade pottery w…

    Published by Paul A.

  • Who is Dirty Dog Pottery, Hil-Dee Bates?

    18th Aug 2015

    Who is Dirty Dog Pottery, Hil-Dee Bates?

    Dirty Dog Pottery Handmade pottery artist Hil-Dee Bates began her journey in Preston, Idaho, the daughter of dairy farmers. This beginning helped her find beauty in the simple things that surround o…

    Published by Paul A.