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McCanless Pottery

 Will McCanless, a second-generation Seagrove, North Carolina potter, established McCanless Pottery in October of 2006. He offers a wide variety of decorative and functional ware including vases, plates, bowls, and platters. McCanless specializes in elegant zinc silicate ware as well as exquisite hand-painted functional ware, vivid Red decorative ware. He uses a variety of diverse clay bodies to achieve the different glazing techniques. Will strives to create traditional functional ware, as well as contemporary and unique pieces of art. Prior to opening, Will was trained by his father, Al McCanless, co-founder of Dover Pottery, Seagrove NC (est. 1983). Today, at McCanless Pottery, Will produces work infused with his own individual and ever evolving style. This artist's work continues to go up in price, but in our opinion, it has great value.