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Handmade Crystalline Water Pitcher Vase-Beautiful

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Handmade Crystalline Water Pitcher Vase from Uwharrie. Decorated in brilliant shades of green crystals with some gold and brown ridge. Truly,  one of a kind!  Approximately 7" high and 4" wide. Beautiful!

  • 7" high x 4" wide
  • Weight 1 lb
  • Created by Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery
  • This is a handcrafted piece of art pottery. Finished items will have variations in color and texture.
  • Color may vary slightly from image due to variations in monitors. Glazes may vary slightly from photo since each piece is handcrafted and unique.
Crystalline pottery pieces are decorative and should not be used for food or beverage. They can be used to display dried flowers. If you wish to use a Crystalline, Raku or Horsehair piece for flowers, place a separate container inside to hold water. Display these pieces away from direct sunlight as surface colors may fade with prolonged exposure. Occasionally wipe with a damp cloth.