Earth & Art Pendant Stone Jewelry - Black Jasper & Butterscotch Jasper

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Black Jasper: Protection, Dreams, Courage

  • Black Jasper protects your personal space and deflects negative energy. It supports during times of conflict and brings the courage and determination necessary to pursue your dreams. It can also bring prophetic dreams and visions, and can help one to remember them and integrate their lessons. Black jasper assists one in making deep connections to the spiritual realms.

    Butterscotch Jasper: Joy, Positive Energy, Inspiration

  • Butterscotch Jasper channels positive energy and joy, making you feel physically better. It helps us to recapture the wonder and joy of childhood. It enhances our creativity, invites inspiration, and sooths the self-critical voices that would stifle self-expression. It protects during spiritual work and during physical travel. Aids all stomach ailments.

    Chinese "I Ching" Coin

  • Brings it's wearer wealth, good luck and protection.
    Gifts Under $50
    • Pendants are approximately 1.5" in diameter
    • All designs use waxed cotton cord.
    • Cords can be adjusted between 16 - 32 inches.
    • Stones will have variations in color and texture.
    • Color may vary slightly from image due to variations in monitors.