Who is Frank Masarella, Potter?

Posted by Paul A. on 26th Aug 2015

Hi Everyone.  This little blog post is just to let you know that we will soon be adding Frank Masarella's work to our website, GiftedPottery.com In our opinion Frank's handmade pottery will be a totally unique addition to our potters list.  He uses great swatches of color and works with high fired porcelain, so the product is very tough and durable, not to mention beautiful.  We are very excited to be added another hand made potters work to our every expanding group of high quality pottery artists.  Frank and his wife Dusti, hale from Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

Here a brief Bio of Frank Massarella, potter: 

“I was lucky, I found my passion early in life.” 

From the early years in high school ceramics class to owning his own (pottery) studio, gallery and clay school, Frank Massarella’s craft has been his vocation and his passion. By working through the various techniques, he has chosen the greatest challenge of high-fired porcelain (pottery) and soda firing as his preferences.

Frank is ever striving to create a more perfect form. His porcelain pieces come alive with movement from both form and glaze. He has been a professional potter for over 45 years.

This image below is a great example of his work, an absolutely stunning and great workmanship in fit and finish canister set, in our favorite glaze.  In our humble opinion, this is some of the finest handmade pottery work we have ever seen, and we have seen a bunch ;-)  Pictures fail to capture the true beauty of this work.  We hope you agree.