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Pyrite: Money, Good Luck, Protection

  • Pyrite is associated with the sun and has long been used as a talisman for money and good luck. It is strengthens the mind and the will and overcomes inertia, lethargy, and fatigue as well as feelings of inadequacy. It is a protective stone that shields one from negative energy and averts physical danger. It encourages excellent health.

    Moss Agate: Prosperity, Health, Peace

  • Moss Agate is a stone of wealth, attracting abundance and good fortune. It helps practical people access their intuition and intuitive people to channel their energies in practical ways. It refreshes the soul, and enables you to see the beauty that surrounds you. It inspires hope, trust, and belief in your ideals and dreams. Moss Agate has strong healing powers and speeds any recovery.

    Aventurine: Wealth, Health, Good Fortune

  • Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity; it attracts abundance and bestows good luck. It brings a sense of peacefulness and feelings of comfort and ease. It has strong healing powers, releasing disease. It is also a heart-healer, and helps release negative emotions and thought-patterns. Green Aventurine diffuses negative situations and helps to turn them around.

    The Circle of Power collection features three stones whose properties, when combined, lend themselves towards supporting us in different situations. Each design combines three stones together that draws on the colors and textures of the stones themselves for inspiration.

    Gifts Under $50
    • Pendants are approximately 1.5" in diameter
    • All designs use waxed cotton cord.
    • Cords can be adjusted between 16 - 32 inches.
    • Stones will have variations in color and texture.
    • Color may vary slightly from image due to variations in monitors.